PRP Breast Lifts

PRP Breast Lift

A PRPBL is marketed as a non-surgical form of breast augmentation. Unlike traditional surgical procedures for filling out your chest, this procedure relies on platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP) to create fuller and firmer breasts with minimal scarring. This article will explain what you need to know about the process: how it works, whether insurance covers it, recovery time expectations – all so that when you decide if something like this is right for you or not, we can help make an educated decision together!


Who Is Eligible For This Procedure?

A PRPBL may be right for you if you're looking to fill out your breasts and are seeking a more natural approach. Unlike implants, which cannot grow with the body, this procedure will not impact milk production or increase the risk of cancer in mothers who breastfeed their children; however, patients must understand what they can expect from the surgery before proceeding so as not to set unrealistic expectations.

How to Select a PRP Breast Lift Treatment Provider?

PRPBL's are becoming more and more common, but they're still a relatively new procedure. It can be hard to find the right provider after you read about them online - make sure that when you meet with someone for your consultation, it's in person so that you have an opportunity to assess their work before making any decisions!

How to prepare?

Once you've selected a provider, they will have an appointment to discuss what comes next. During your consultation, expect them: To examine your breasts; Listen to any aesthetic concerns; Ask about the medical history if eligible for PRPBL, and then explain it together with considering whether or not this procedure can provide results fitting your needs. If both parties decide that is the right thing to do, these providers will schedule when the surgery would take place! They will also help you prepare for your appointment. Preparation may include: avoiding certain medications like aspirin and ibuprofen a week before the procedure, removing all body jewellery on the day of the process, so it does not interfere with x-rays or prevent healing; wearing comfortable clothes that are loose-fitting on the day of treatment to avoid any discomfort during surgery.

What To Expect During the Treatment?

A PRPBL is a reasonably simple procedure. The numbing cream will take about 20 minutes to go into effect, and the rest of your appointment should be completed in just an hour! Of course, your nurse may ask you to change out of your clothes for this one-time process. You can keep on panties or boxers, though, if that makes it easier: some providers even provide those too for free! After applying the cream (usually 30 minutes), your provider will numb your breasts, then inject a PRP solution into them to help firm up any loose skin. What they do next depends on what you want - some providers combine it with micro-needling, while others may use hyaluronic acid instead.

Eligibility for Dysport Injection

Dysport is a treatment for people who are over the age of 65. If you have any allergies to ingredients or botulinum products, this isn't the right option! Also, keep in mind that if your body can not handle minor side effects from Dysport, it may be risky, and you should also not take these injections at all.

What Are The Risks And Complication Possibilities?

The patented PRPBL technique, which is non-invasive and customizable to an individual's needs, has been around for about a decade. The injections usually don't cause significant discomfort but could be painful if the patient suffers from chronic pain or anxiety. As this new procedure's efficacy hasn't yet been studied extensively by medical professionals with access to its long-term effects on breast tissue, there are two possible outcomes: it may prove ineffective as treatments go, or they might find that the results last longer than traditional methods of lift surgery before requiring another injection treatment session since patients only need three per year at most (compared to one every six months).

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